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Love and Second Chances With a Rescue Dog

Hi friends,

Welcome to a new feature where I'll send you some of the most exciting and valuable content from around the web every Thursday.

This week's theme is pets. Three weeks ago, we bought a rescue dog named Thor after he'd been stuck in kennels for 301 nights. We've changed his life, and he's changed ours.

I've found all our pets to be huge boosts to my mental health. It's hard not to smile when you see such a bundle of joy every day.

Top Picks of the Week.

1. How My Dog Taught Me to Be the Dog Mom She Deserves

Christa Miller recounts the journey of adopting Poppy, a playful yet cautious dog found by their in-laws. Initially overwhelmed by Poppy’s energetic and needy nature, Christa, struggling with newly diagnosed ADHD, found it difficult to connect with her. Through self-reflection, they realized that Poppy’s behaviors mirrored their unresolved emotional needs. This understanding led to a transformative experience where Christa learned to appreciate Poppy’s unconditional love, ultimately fostering a more patient and loving relationship.

2. My Son Really Wants A Puppy. But, Imagine the Downsides!

Warren grapples with deciding whether to get a dog for his son, weighing the responsibilities and benefits. Initially resistant due to the potential for the children's enthusiasm to wane, leaving the parents with all the work and expenses, Warren explores scientific research. Studies show pets can significantly benefit children's social-emotional development and empathy and potentially improve cardiovascular health for adults. However, the financial costs and continuous care required present a considerable burden. Despite the compelling benefits, the author concludes that the decision to get a pet should be made carefully considering family readiness and ability to provide proper care, akin to the decision to have children.

3. There’s Only You

Cathy poignantly reminisces about her deep bond with her beloved pet, Murphy, vividly describing the affection and unique moments they shared over seven years. She reflects on the comfort Murphy's presence brought, likening his physical features to lucky charms and cherished tokens of safety and love. The suddenness of Murphy's passing, following the loss of another pet, left a profound void and a struggle to cope with the absence of his constant companionship. Despite bringing another pet into their home, Cathy laments the irreplaceable connection with Murphy.

Additional Resources.

1. 7 Ways Having a Pet Can Improve Your Mental Health

"For centuries, people have found love and companionship in animals. Pet owners give so much to their animals, but what do they get in return? Watch this video to learn how having a pet can benefit your mental health."

2. Cats, Dogs and Mental Health | Ellie Harvey | TEDxKingAlfredSchool

"Ellie May Harvey, a year 10 student at The King Alfred School, talks about her experiences in animal-assisted therapy and how we can learn from it. Year 10 student at The King Alfred School This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at"

3. Family Of Tiny Bunnies Rescued From Storm Grate | The Dodo

"Watch little bunny faces pop out one by one 💛"

From Our Archive.

1 Love and Second Chances With a Rescue Dog

A month ago, I said a heartbreaking goodbye to Wags, my 16-year-old dog, who had been my constant companion. Seeking to fill the void, we adopted Thor, a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix with a troubled past. Initially nervous, Thor quickly won our hearts with his bright eyes and playful nature. Despite warnings about his behavior, Thor has adapted well to our home, bringing joy and laughter back into our lives. His presence has given my mum a new lease on life, and I feel a deep love for him, knowing he will never be hurt or scared again.

2. My Dog Is 13 and I Am Worried About The Future

An article I wrote from a few years ago. As an only child, my dog Wags, a Chihuahua/Jack Russell crossbreed, has been like a brother to me. When my dad died in 2019, Wags became a vital companion for my mum. He kept her active and provided comfort, especially at night. Reflecting on his support during my own depression reminds me of his irreplaceable presence and the deep bond we shared. Despite the inevitable pain of losing pets, I believe the love and joy they bring are worth it.

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